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Gothic Electro Emo Pant -Black/Green

Gothic Electro Emo Pant -Black/Green

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Cotton and Jeans:

The pants are made from top-quality materials, utilizing cotton and possibly denim (jeans) for a comfortable and durable fabric.

Lightweight Cotton Fabric:

The fabric used is lightweight, making the pants suitable for various occasions and climates.

Snap Closure with Drawstring:

The pants feature a snap closure, likely for convenience, along with a drawstring for an adjustable and secure fit.

Details and Composition:  Eyelet, Zipper, D-Hook And Chain Composition:

The presence of eyelets, zippers, D-hooks, and chains adds a stylish and edgy touch to the pants, contributing to their unique design.

Pockets:  Multiple Pockets:

The pants come with a variety of pockets, including 2 side pockets, 2 back pockets, and 2 cargo pockets. This design provides both functionality and style.

Versatility:  2-in-1 Design (Short & Pant):

The pants offer a versatile design, allowing them to be transformed into shorts, providing flexibility for different styles and preferences.

This combination of features suggests a fashionable and versatile pair of pants that prioritize both style and functionality. The use of different closures, chains, and the 2-in-1 design contribute to the uniqueness of the Electro Pant. If you're interested in this style, you might find it appealing for various casual and trendy occasions.


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Care Instructions

Dry Cleaan Only

Wash in cold water and air dry for maximum performance.

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